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  1. tramber says:

    nice bikes :) like the picture!

  2. lovely pic!!! looks like a special hallmark postcard!!loving it
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    Love & Luck

  3. Diamacra says:

    Amazing pic! Please advise me what kind of camera do you use? Lovely blog and extremely gorgeous photos!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting our blog :)
    You have some really beautiful photos on your blog :)

  5. nice photos! i like your blog! would you like to follow each other? xoxo

  6. Orlo says:

    Cool photo!

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    See ya' ;)

  7. roberta says:

    love your blog! SO nice pics!!!


  8. Nicole says:

    That's an innovative blog! Compliments for the pictures and the cool idea!

    Lovely Idea

  9. Valeria says:

    Thanks a lot for your nice comment!!!! Love your blog and start following on Bloglovin! Hope you'll follow back! xoxo from rome

  10. for this photo i used nikon d5000 with 18-105 lense! :)

  11. thanks for all beautiful comments!!

  12. melindaaa says:

    i loveee all your pictures. the colors, the subjects, everything!

  13. lately I've been wanting to go on a bike ride, now, even more :)

  14. it looks cool. xx

  15. Bea S. says:

    Nice photo!! :)


  16. jamie says:

    what a great blog <3 i love photography; i wish i was good at it :)

  17. Diamacra says:
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  18. Diamacra says:

    Yes, I was almost sure it was nikon :) thank you for your replay!:)

  19. Picali says:

    beautiful photo. ♥

  20. DIRTYGLAM says:

    I love all your pictures!

  21. Low says:

    You always select GORGEOUS pictures!!
    Love them all!


  22. M says:

    amazing.. seriously this blog is the best!

  23. your photos are just amazing!!!love each and every single one!!this one is perfect! lots of kisses!

  24. Thanks for comments! I like your photos to much! :D


  25. Isabella says:

    I love this picture. Such beautiful photography. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my post! x

  26. Such old bicycles are just the best :) And they don't get stolen :D

    following you now :)

  27. You have a nice blog yourself, in particular love this pic, because in Holland (where I'm at, haha) we almost go everywhere by bike through rain, cold, wind and thunder ;)

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